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Get to Know Me

York County has been my home for most of my life.  I don’t ever want Rt 17 to look like Jefferson Ave or Mercury Blvd. If I wanted to live in a city, I would have moved to one. Even as a former builder, I am not for progressive growth. Growth must be calculated and well thought out for our future. It is time to slow the growth down and start utilizing the space that we already have. Rt 17 needs much work.


Our schools are overloaded as they are and our roads are already over utilized. I also feel like since covid happened our county has neglected preserving our environment. Things such as tree trimming, pruning and keeping the undergrowth cut down. We have to protect our waterways and shorelines by keeping them clean, healthy and thriving with aquatic plants and animals, it is the heartbeat of our county. 

My Values

I am a fiscally responsible Constitutional Conservative and would like to take a closer look at the annual budget to see what we can do to get that under control. My management style is knowing my place and leaning on those that I need to help accomplish the task at hand. 

I am NOT a politician but instead a concerned homeowner and member of this wonderful community.  I will work for my constituents and not the other way around. I feel the longer politicians stay in office, the more power they think they have and often forget about the very people they have sworn to serve. Just look at Washington DC for proof of that. I want to preserve as much of what I remember as a kid growing up here. I want the best for my wife and I, two daughters, their families and the Citizens of this great County.

We also must protect the children in our school system from this hogwash of those that say a parent shouldn’t have any say in what is taught to them. We have to start taking our country back and it starts at the local level. We must stand up to the craziness coming out of DC and other large cities like defunding our police.. I, for one, want to fund them at a fair rate  and protect them as they are the backbone of this county. That goes for all of our first responders as well as our teachers. 

When I vote, I will be the voice of my constituents and not on my own personal opinions and beliefs. I will do my best to stay connected to each of you and the issues and needs of the residence in my district. Together we can make the changes that will set us back on the right path to protecting and keeping our YC beautiful. Lets repurpose what we have and preserve what we all love about being a York County resident.

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